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Super Mario meets Hell... or so...
What if Mario 64-style gameplay meets Doom's first person shooter? Batandy is currently working on the answer called "Doom - The Golden Souls". This project is a groundbreaking hub-based mod, heavily influenced by one of the greatest games of all time: Super Mario 64. To progress through the game, you must collect "Golden Souls" in order to unlock doors in the main hub, a big mansion. You can access any level through the paintings on the walls. In order to explore every single part of a level, you may even need to backtrack in an older painting, after finding an important item. [...]
As many are aware, Doom Wad Station went off line some time in the middle of December. After speaking to the current owner of the domain, who has no intention of restoring Doom Wad Station to [...]
20 years of Doom
Woohooo... Doomsday for the 20th time and we've got a lot to celebrate. 20 years of modding, 20 years of deathmatch and 20 years of a brilliant and creative community. Crazy thing considering [...]
GameFront on the ZDCMP2
Pretty cool thing: The ZDoom Community Map Project 2 isn't done yet but has already been mentioned as "probably the best example to date of what Doom is like today, here and now" which is [...]
Quake goes GZDoom
I just spotted over at ZDoom.org that HorrorMovieGuy released something that might be definitely of use for anyone who has ever considered creating a Quake project for GZDoom: The complete [...]
The 20th Annual Cacowards
Wohoo! For all those who already thought the Annual Cacowards would delay another year (just as 2012), I must disappoint you - it has just been published over at Doomworld. First of all, [...]
ZDCMP2 RC2 is released!
Grab it now! Arriving just in time for the twentieth anniversary of Doom's original release, this second public beta of the long-awaited second ZDoom Community Map Project harnesses even more [...]
Icarus: Alien Vanguard For ZDoom
Icarus: Alien Vanguard, originally by Team TNT, has been ported to ZDoom! Fight against the hordes of invaders as you blast them away in exciting, well-designed maps ported for Skulltag, [...]
HPack is alive - time to get to work!
It has already been ages, and considering that HPack is now in progress for actually over 10 years (yes, what was meant to be my personal project aka Netherworld has turned into the community [...]


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