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doomworld2017Some of the more frequent visitors to the major Doom community sites might have already noticed that one of their favorite pages got a modern facelift - not only visually but also technically. To be honest, the page has alaready seen better days as the layou and technique was already 20 years old. The site staff must have been aware of this for a while now and out of nothing the new system and layout has been made public a few days ago.

At first it's a bit confusing as the landing page directly leads to the forum but overall I have to admit that I really like what people have done there. It's intuitive, it looks modern, it works on tablets and smartphones and a lot of work seems to be involved with the improvements. From what I can see so far it's not perfectly done yet and the team is still working on it but it's a very good start. Congratulations to the effort, you've done a very good job!

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