The Ultimate Torment & Torture


 This is a complete compilation of all the Torment & Torture maps ever made including the all new Episode 4 "Havoc". But don't worry, it's not just a merged wad, it's by far more like that... Features
  • All 4 classic episodes revamped
  • All new episode 4 "Havoc" feat. 3 totally new maps
  • 3 new weapons feat. flame weapons & the minigun
  • 3 unique classes (scout, marine, commando)
  • 8 player coop compatibility (incl. checkpoint system)
  • Voice acting for ingame messages and intermission texts
  • Intermap sequences for every map
  • Weapons special effects (sparks, casings)
  • New monsters (from the beastiary as well as totally new ones)
  • Powered by GZDoom (24bit graphics, 3d floors)
  • Realistic gore (blood squirts & exploding bodies)
  • Mission objectives & unique goals for each map
  • Dynamic lights
  • Environment special effects (e.g. sparks, comets, steam)
  • Countless new surprises, secrets and easter eggs
...and I am sure you won't miss that, will you? Get the full "Torment & Torture" experience now, don't waste any more time with reading this!
UTNTUTNTUTNTUTNT          Cacoward


Game: Doom2
Port: GZDoom, Skulltag
Map: 9 Maps
Type: Single Player, Coop compatible
Date Finished: September 10th, 2007
Version: v1.08 (April 15th, 2013)
Reviews: [ 1
Interviews: [ 1 ]  
default The Ultimate Torment & Torture  (65,3MB)
archive The Ultimate Torment & Torture: Take II (7MB; visual enhancements; by DBThanatos, v1.01)

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