XMas Deathmatch


The first project ever released by Tormentor667. It's actually a christmas-themed deathmatch set with new sprites. weapons, textures and a nice looping and neverending holiday midi tune. The quality is - surprisingly - on a very low niveau, but the piece will get you in a comfortable christmas mood, just try it. It's here for history-purposes though, don't expect to much.
X-Mas DeathmatchX-Mas DeathmatchX-Mas DeathmatchX-Mas Deathmatch


Game: Doom 2
Port: Vanilla
Map: MAP01-MAP09, MAP15, MAP31-32
Type: Multiplayer Deathmatch
Date Finished: December 9th, 1999
archive X-Mas Deathmatch (2,4MB)

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