Pogostick - Doom Platformer


This project is currently on hold!

Ever wondered what Doom could look like if it was a platform style game just like Commander Keen? Well, here you can experience how this could be! Pogostick is a 2D sidescrolling platformer modification for ZDoom/GZDoom with great features for mappers like "Score System", "Bonus System", "Corner Camera Movement", "Zoom Possibility" and many more! This isn't finished yet but I am looking forward to your very own contributions for the mod. User maps were included in the mod as well! (check the tutorial, it's in the zip as well)


Game: Doom2
Version: 0.9
Port: GZDoom / ZDoom
Map: MAP01-MAP02 (+2 User Maps)
Type: Single Player
Percentage: 15%
archive Pogostick  (1,4MB)

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