Ghost Revenant

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Name: Ghost Revenant
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: None
Summon: GhostRevenant
Melee: Yes
Distance: Hitscan
Type: Spectre, Undead
Brightmaps: Yes
Added States: No


Submitted: DBJ87
Decorate: DBJ87
GLDefs: DBJ87
Brightmaps: DBJ87
Sounds: id Software (PS1 Revenant)
Sprites: id Software (Doom 2 and Doom 64), DBJ87
Idea Base: Own idea


A spectral Revenant that uses a weak blinding flash attack as its ranged offence while it closes in to use its more powerful melee attack. It moves a lot faster than the normal Revenants and is almost completely invisible. It breaks its invisibility briefly when attacking at a distance, before rapidly returning back to its ghostly status. When blinded by the flash attack, the player is more open to damage from the ghost's attacks as well as melee damage and any attacks from other enemies for 12 seconds.
archive Ghost Revenant  (146 KB)

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