EDuke32 meets GZDoom in the new Raze source port

Graf Zahl, for almost 15 years already known as the author of GZDoom and Rachael, hoster extraordinaire at DRDTeam and ZDoom forums and QZDoom developer among other things, have revealed Raze, a source port of EDuke32 implementing several systems as found in the GZDoom source port. It combines  EDuke32, PCExhumed, NBlood, and RedNukem  in a single package, delivered as 5 seperate game modules, amongst various stability and renderer improvements. The main features of Raze are:


  • Polymost is used as the primary renderer, significantly rewritten and seperated from OpenGL, utilizing a new texture manager. Polymost is used in this capacity to generate polygons and sending them off to the backend, which is OpenGL 3.3 with the option to use OpenGL 4.5 features. This ensures that new renderer features can be added to the same backend, but where a different renderer other than Polymost can be used
  • GZDoom's post-processing effects framework is incorporated, allowing effects such as bloom and faking increased color ranges with dithering to be possible
  • A replaced and revamped file system, based on the WAD manager used in GZDoom
  • ZMusic from GZDoom is used as music system
  • The menu code from GZDoom is used as a generic system across all supported games
  • Games are in in their own modules and do not interact with eachother. Renderer, sound system and input are used universally across the titles
  • Controller support is included, using the existing ZDoom controller code
  • Multiplayer and networking however have a different implementation per game, and thus this was left as-is
  • OSD and configuration maintenance replaced with ZDoom's console and config code

Head over to the linked thread to find a list of supported games and downloads, and join in on the discussion!


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