Name: Haedexebus
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: Fatso, Blood
Summon: Haedexebus
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile (2 types)
Type: Demon, Cybernetic
Brightmaps: Yes


Submitted: Ozymandias81
Decorate: DeVloek, Ozymandias81
GLDefs: Ozymandias81
Sounds: 3DRealms, FreeRadical Design, Eriance
Sprites: yuraofthehairfan, zrrion the insect, Eriance
Sprite Edit: Ozymandias81
Idea Base: An hellish simple variant Volacubi-like monster for Doom


After been jailed by a Cyberdemon for betrayal, a Mancubus lived so long in the depths of Mount Olympus on Mars, until a day encountered some Mindflyers that gnarled and morphed him into an horrible abomination: the Haedexebus.
Provided with Hellforge Cannons, it has 2 different types of projectile attacks: a new custom railgun attack with bloody tracers with limited range and a really dangerous maceball that spreads minimaces while exploding onto targets.
Not such a big threaten monster to fight alone, but when it fires maceballs or in packs it's really fearsome to deal with.
archive Haedexebus (224 KB)

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