Allied Marines Pack

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Allied Marines Pack


Name: Allied Marines
Difficulty: Easy-Hard (If you disable Friendly Flag. They are intended to help the Player)
Connection: Doom, Ally Marines, Cooperative Gameplay in Single Player
Summon: MarineAlly<weapon name> (See documentation for complete list of weapon types); CaptiveAlly
Melee: Melee Marine (Punch & uses a Charge attack) & Chainsaw Marine.
Distance: Hitscan, Projectile, Explosive, Railgun, Seeker, Fire.
Type: Human, Marines, Allies


Submitted by: DBJ87
Decorate Created by: DBJ87
Palette: PNG Palette
Brightmaps: Yes
Sprites: ID Software, DBJ87, Mark Quinn, Anthony Cole, Xim, CaptainToenail, FuzzballFox, Alando1, Skulltag
Sprite Edit: DBJ87
Brightmaps Edit: DBJ87
SFX: Custom, That_One_Doom_Mod, Doom3, CthulhuCultist, Tormentor667, Skulltag Team, Eriance, Raven Software, Rise of the Triad,
Xim's Marine Pack, Doom64
Idea Base: Own Idea, yuraofthehairfan (Colour Blending & Captive Marines)

See Credits lump for more detailed credit attributions.


17 Allied Marines with extensive behaviour changes including shooting, reaction timing, movement speed & parameters, tracking & targeting as well as a Large Arsenal of weapons to assist the Player. Also includes Captive Marines & Colour Blend templates to increase diversity as Allies or additional Enemies.
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