Tentacled Commando

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Name: Tentacled Commando
Difficulty: Easy
Connection: None
Summon: TentacledCommando
Melee: Yes
Distance: Hitscan
Type: Human, Undead
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No


Submitted: Karltroid51
Code: Karltroid51
Sounds: id Software
Sprites: id Software
Sprite Edit: Captain J, Untrustable, Damson
Idea Base: Doom 3's Tentacle and Chaingun Commandos


Through many slipgates and dimensions this commando has traveled, in order to bring you pain and suffering. He totes a chaingun like your own, and a "tentacle whip" for an arm to strike down any who gets too close to him, unless he's already started his unceasing barrage. Acts like a regular chaingunner that happens to be bigger, meatier, and faster. Can perform a melee attack on you provided you're close enough, and he hasn't started his endless salvo of chaingun fire yet.
archive Tentacled Commando  (335 KB)

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