Sentient Glowing Mushroom

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Name: Sentient Glowing Mushroom
Difficulty: Very Easy
Connections: None
Summon: SentientGlowingMushroom, GlowingMushroomSpawner
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Magical, Fungi, Trap
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No


Submitted: DeVloek
Code: Gothic, DeVloek
GLDefs: Gothic, DeVloek
Sounds: Raven Software, Monolith Productions
Sprites: Raven Software
Sprite Edit: Gothic, DeVloek
Idea Base: Sentient Mushroom monster and Glowing Mushrooms prop


While most glowing mushrooms just illuminate their surroundings, this rather malicious specimen ambushes the unwary explorer with a toxic spore cloud. Being not much larger than a regular glowing mushroom it may be hard to spot, but is easily killed. The spore cloud glows just like the mushroom itself and deals poison damage over time. Includes prop variant and random spawner.
archive Sentient Glowing Mushroom  (66 KB)

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