Fire Serpents

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Name: Fire Serpents
Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Summon: FireSerpent, FlameSerpent
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Demon


Submitted: Doomedarchviledemon
Decorate: Doomedarchviledemon
Sprites: Exhumed / Powerslave, Raven Software
Sprite Edits: Doomedarchviledemon
Sounds: Doom 3, Hexen, Freesounds
Idea Base: The Chinese Dragon enemy from Gex: Enter the Gecko


Spawned from the hottest depths of hell these fire serpents are immune to fire based attacks and spit hot fire at their enemies. The younger serpents shoot out slow moving streams of concentrated fire at their enemies. The older serpents shoot out longer and faster streams of fire that spread out to cover more area. The older serpent's body also produce hot lava droplets while it flies around which can harm those who are unfortunate enough to be standing underneath them. Luckily these serpents are fairly weak.
default Fire Serpents (109 KB)

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