Devil Worms

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Name: Devil Worms Pack
Difficulty: Easy - Hard
Summon: Wormegg, Babyworm, Teenworm, TeenwormH, Adultworm, AdultwormH, Elderworm, ElderwormH
Melee: Yes
Distance: Projectile
Type: Demon


Submitted: Doomedarchviledemon
Decorate: Captain Toenail, Doomedarchviledemon
Sprites: Exhumed / Powerslave
Sprite Edits: Doomedarchviledemon
Sounds: Serious Sam, Freesounds
Idea Base: Tremors


In the world of Doom this is one can of worms you most certainly do not want to open. This package comes with four worms, which is really just a normal worm but in its four stages of life. Each one stronger than the last and comes with at least one attack as it learns new ways to hunt its prey as it grows older.
default Devil Worms (995 KB)
Updated Nov 5th, 2017

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