GZDoombuilder 1.13a released

##### GZDoombuilder 1.13a released It's going on and on and on! The mappers demand and MaxED delivers, so you actually can expect a lot of new features in the latest version of DoomBuilder2's inofficial successor. For thoe of you who haven't heard of it yet, GZDoomBuilder is a fork of CodeImp's map editor for Doom. It features a lot of bugfixes since the latest official release but also a lot of new features like GZDoom stuff in 3D mode like dynamic lights, 3D floors and many other cool things that speed up mapping for the Graf Zahl's sourceport. What can you expect in 1.13a?
  • Floor/ceiling textures are now moved more predictably by arrow keys in GZDoom Visual mode.
  • Walls texture coordinates are always rounded when moved by arrow keys in Visual modes.
  • Visual modes: selected objects are not highlighted when "Toggle highlight" (H key) option is set to off.
  • UDMF light editing in GZDoom Visual mode: brightness changes instead of "lightceiling" property if targeted
  • ceiling is part of 3D-floor.
  • UDMF Controls: increased precision of position and scale controls numeric inputs to 2 decimal places.

...and many many more. For a full list of fixes, new features and all the cool stuff GZDoomBuilder brings, just visit the development thread over at ZDoom.org.

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