Improved DBigFont + Variants

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Name: Improved DBigFont + Variants
Type: BigFont
Format: FON2
Variants: 15
Replaces: BigFont
Size: 10px (small), 12px (regular), 17px (with uppercases)
Paletted: Doom
Lower-cases: Yes
Individual glyphs/character maps included: Yes
Standard GFX included: No


Submitted: Jimmy
Author: randi, Jimmy (edits)
Original font: Doom menu font
Additional Credits: id Software and randi for the original glyphs; Eriance for some of the large uppercase glyphs.


Our friend the Doom/ZDoom bigfont. Comes with some new glyphs to fill in some of the formerly blank characters, plus some custom uppercases/lowercases.
"Condensed" version features slightly smaller characters.
"Lowercase" version features these smaller characters for the lowercase characters.
"Uppercase" version features the large characters from the menu graphics as the uppercase characters.
"Square" version features all rounded corners sharpened into right angles.
default Improved DBigFont + Variants  (137 KB)

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