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I am aware that the german translation of Realm667 might not please anyone regarding its historical relation but I am pretty sure you get the point. I was asked a number of times already if there is a slight chance to have a german, spanish or french version of the page. As I am only a native german speaker, I can only serve with a native german translation but even that would be too much to handle when it comes to the extra effort. Still I thought it would be at least a help for those foreign people if a automated translation service is implemented - and that's what I did. Check the top left corner for your Google Translation glory - hope it helps!

Board is working again

Some of you might have already noticed that the message board suffered visual glitches that made it hard or even impossible to write replies and post threads. First of all sorry for the long delay of fixing this, but I simply wasn't able to handle this earlier. I am working as a wedding photographer and this year has been the hardest one since I've started with this job - each weekend one or two weddings varying between 8 and 16 hours of work as well as 20 hours of post-production. That's quite a long time if you are still working a normal 40 hour job in a media agency as well. Enough the whining, board is fixed and should work again.

PayPal Donations working again!

Some of you might have already noticed that donations for the Realm667 or Blade of Agony weren't working anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't - for the past 10 months to be precise. The old mail adress wasn't attached to the site's PayPal account anymore so all of the donations didn't reach me or the page account and simply have been refunded or not accepted (no idea what PayPal itself does if a donation is given to a non-existant mail adress and if it isn't accepted for weeks and months). Anyway, if you got your donation refunded in the past 10 months (what I really hope for) and if you would like to donate the same amount again (what we really hope for even more) then go for it, the system/button is working again and the donation will be delivered. Sorry for the trouble, this is more annoying for us site runners than for you visitors, so thanks already a lot if you consider doing it another time.

Sir Daniel Gimmer

John RomeroDon't worry, I am not going crazy, it's just how I am feeling at the moment for a certain reason. For over 2 decades now I am working on Doom mods, which is a pretty long time. A few weeks ago I already had the chance to talk to John Romero, which was absolutely amazing - talking to one of your idols in person, a vip of the gaming scene.

Yesterday we released the second chapter of our mod "Blade of Agony" on which I am working as project lead as well as most of the mapping and other tasks regarding graphics, development and direction. Today I spotted a facebook/twitter post from John Romero about our project. What he had to say? Simply check the screenshot to the right. I think only few people can imagine how I am feeling at the moment - it's like an accolade to me. The founder of id software, the main mapper of the egoshooter that changed the whole gaming scene, has such kind words for our work, it simply feels amazing! Now I can die in peace!

Realm667 turns 17 - wut!?

unrel 6I somehow can't believe how far we've been come and how long this page already exists. Furthermore this is also a reminder of how old I am already (being 32 years old) and mapping now for almost 20 years... what a terrible beautiful waste of time. It was over 20 years ago when I first got my hands on a Doom addon disc called "Boom - Neue Waffen & Monster" (new weapons and monsters) in a german electronics shop. I can still remember that the disc obviously had some problems as my Quad-Speed CD-ROM had troubles reading it, but still I was able to play old '94 maps of all kind, some of them with even new graphics and monsters - sprite replacements obviously. That was the moment that made me start it all, playoung around with DETH and Wadauthor for the first time, taking ages to build the first room, understanding on my own what "upper, lower textures" are, what a sector is, how to draw rooms and all that crazy things. It was "learning by doing", there hasn't been any documentations and the Internet was something only wealthy people could afford - 56K modems to be precise.

Fortunately times have changed and so has the quality of the releases in the past years. Sourceports are able to do things that haven't been even imaginable in the late 90's, people come up with crazy hacks and ideas that push the id engine to the limits and still amaze me - as a player and a mapper in both ways.

I have to say that the Realm667 wouldn't be possible without the persons visiting it, the persons maintaining it and the persons supporting it through donations. But that's not all: I also want to thank my family that they always accepted me spending so much time in front of the computer - I would never have been able to build all this shit and later work as a graphics designer and photograph in a media agency ;) Anyway, enough blabla, Happy Birthday and back to Blade of Agony - Cheers!

Chapter 2 release postponed

boadelayedWe have been waiting for this day since November 12th last years so the least thing I can tell is, that we are as disappointed as you might be now that we have to say: There will be no release of Blade of Agony's Chapter 2 this saturday. After discussing this internally for more than a week, we had to decide that we want Shadows of the Reich and the original chapter The Staff of Kings to be the best possible experience for players. But currently we are struggeling with issues our beta testers reported as well as problems with the performance on large maps and special effects with weaker or older computers.

Sure, we could have said "If it runs too slow, deactivate the effects or buy a new machine" but this is not our philosophy. We want to reach as many persons as possible, who are interested in this project and try to give everyone the same experience when playing (without reducing settings just to make it run with a few fps faster). We really hope you understand this and we already want to thank you for your patience during this delay, as we promise to prepare the best sequel that can possibly be made. Stay tuned - stay psyched!

"Shadows of the Reich" is coming

Screenshot Doom 20170411 204713After another half-year since the release of the first chapter of WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony Chapter 1: The Staff of Kings, we are proud to announce the date you have all been waiting for.

WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony Chapter 2: Shadows of the Reich will be released on May 20th, which also marks the 17th anniversary of Realm667.

And with this announcement, there will also be a few improvements that come with Shadows of the Reich, including a near-complete overhaul of The Staff of Kings (replaying that is a "must"), new models, new and reworked textures, and improved game mechanics. Shadows of the Reich continues from the point The Staff of Kings left off, with you in a Gestapo prison in eastern Europe. You will encounter new enemies, new weapons and new locations through 8 different missions -- even 2 more as a reward if you are attentive enough.

There is one thing that is new in Shadows of the Reich that we are most proud of - something that has taken an unimaginable amount of effort, dedication and work: High-resolution sprites for all enemies and NPCs throughout the mod -- not only upscaled, but highly detailed artwork similar to the Wolfenstein 3D Mac version - something that hasn't been seen in a comparable project yet. Check out the new screenshots in our media page for a proof of concept, and stay tuned for more information soon - more content at the official page.

Offer declined

realm667worldWell, after thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that Monaco isn't all that good. Back to normal, April the 1st is over and the Realm667 is back to its roots. I hope you people had a bit of fun seeing the Realm667 in a new and Doomworld'y look, it was actually fun to change the CSS in a way to perfectly match the major Doom news page as it is now. It actually was that much fun that I have some more ideas for the ongoing year... I have too much time on my hands. Anyway, time to get back to Blade of Agony, have a nice week and watch out.

Realm667 now part of Doomworld

linguicaDon't be surprised and ask yourself "What happened to the Realm667?" We are proud to announce that this page finally is part of the new Doomworld network. After we have considered such a step now for a long time as the financial situation of the Realm667 didn't get any better, the administrator and site runner of Doomworld Linguica stepped in with a financial offer that even Marlon Brando himself could't refuse. Next to the new page design, a lot of other interesting things will change in the future like moving all the content to a new database called the /idresources archive (which automatically means that all the old links aren't working anymore) and other fancy things. So thanks again to Linguica for his generous support. I don't tell anyone how good the offer was, but in case people are asking why I don't respond to my mails anymore: The internet connection in my new mansion in Monaco is still a bit sloppy, but my butler is already working on it. #realm667world


BoATubeThere have been about 3 months now since the release of Realm667's very own project Blade of Agony. Since then we had a lot of amazing feedback, not only from the Doom community but also from many people outside, discussing the project, the good things but also the bad ones. One of the very useful things that we take care of a lot are YouTube-Let'sPlays - to be honest, I watched all of them available and this is a good amount of time. Though it helps a lot to see how people are aproaching things and also gives us a good idea what needs improvement and what works as it is. So keep'em coming, they don't go to waste!

Beyond that we are currently focusing on the second chapter in the trilogy and it is coming along quite nicely. There is still a long way to go but we aim for a release in late April or the beginning of May, and that seems reasonable to us. We don't want to tell you a lot without spoiling anything but one thing is a promise: Expected the unexpected. After the mod/standalone has been downloaded now for over 8200 times (!) we are more than motivated towards what will happen with Chapter 2 and the Chapter 1 overhaul we've prepared for you!

New Logo

newlogoSome of you might have already noticed that something is going on in the headers and yes: You are right. The Realm667 got itself a new logo. After having the old one now for more than 5 years and also considering that it has never been anything more than just text, I felt like it was time to finally generate some kind of typographic logo with a twist, an eye-catcher, something that you will easily remember and recognize. After a pretty long time of brainstorming and trying, I got done what you can find on the header now. I really hope you like it and I am looking forward to your feedback in general.

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