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John RomeroDon't worry, I am not going crazy, it's just how I am feeling at the moment for a certain reason. For over 2 decades now I am working on Doom mods, which is a pretty long time. A few weeks ago I already had the chance to talk to John Romero, which was absolutely amazing - talking to one of your idols in person, a vip of the gaming scene.

Yesterday we released the second chapter of our mod "Blade of Agony" on which I am working as project lead as well as most of the mapping and other tasks regarding graphics, development and direction. Today I spotted a facebook/twitter post from John Romero about our project. What he had to say? Simply check the screenshot to the right. I think only few people can imagine how I am feeling at the moment - it's like an accolade to me. The founder of id software, the main mapper of the egoshooter that changed the whole gaming scene, has such kind words for our work, it simply feels amazing! Now I can die in peace!

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MagicWazard replied the topic: #2 1 year 2 weeks ago
Nice! Hard to ask for better publicity than that!
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CaptainManiac replied the topic: #3 1 year 2 weeks ago
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ozymandias81 replied the topic: #4 1 year 1 week ago
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Camaxide replied the topic: #5 1 year 1 week ago
Congrats on the feedback. It's nice to see also, that Mr Romero is so down to earth, and cares about mods and even gives feedback to what he likes :)

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