I am aware that the german translation of Realm667 might not please anyone regarding its historical relation but I am pretty sure you get the point. I was asked a number of times already if there is a slight chance to have a german, spanish or french version of the page. As I am only a native german speaker, I can only serve with a native german translation but even that would be too much to handle when it comes to the extra effort. Still I thought it would be at least a help for those foreign people if a automated translation service is implemented - and that's what I did. Check the top left corner for your Google Translation glory - hope it helps!

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RnatO replied the topic: #2 8 months 4 weeks ago
I'm a native spanish speaker myself, and even though I find the translation very useful there are still some terms that are unnacurate. Specially, regarding words that only exists in the English language such as Spawn, prop, etc. So, if i'm of any use, I could translate the tutorials and other entrances to the spanish language properly.

PN:. I admire your work Tormento667 and the realm team, greetings from Perú.

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