TNT3 Final Preview

doomThis will be definitely the last news before the release of TNT3 (yes I know, I already said this a month ago but this time, I am serious! :)), as promised, two preview screenshots out of the Torment & Torture Part 2 scenery ("The Evil Heart"). tnt3_part2prev2.jpg I'm ot going to reveal a lot about the story and the job you have to do there but I tell you something about the screenies :) The first one is a direct few on the main castle in which lies two nice secrets (one for the story and one (3) for the blasting pleasure). On the right you can see the main bridge to the castle on this lava island with nice detailed stuff. On the second screenshot, you have a complete overview on the castle, the bridge and the "continent" on the right site where you start. tnt3_part2prev1.jpg What you can't see?! Another island with a bell tower, alot of ambient sounds and much more detail on the right side. Nevertheless, these two shots show, which second different style is used in TNT3 (besides the brown icey techno style in part 1), the gothic style :) (I indeed use gothic textures for this :)
The combination of detail, size, gaming pleasure, variety and surprises makes this TNT chaptre by far the best one ever (also by far the largest and best map ever created by me). Hold on your mouse and keyboard 'cause soon, it's getting hot on your PC :)
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