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Maskim Xul done - almost...

Maskim Xul is a project by Obsidian, that he started around mid-2014 and in its 3-year lifespan has been the most erratic and peculiar wad I've ever worked on thus far. The project was his attempt to accomplish 2 things: Create a decently large map as opposed to the small ones he is accustomed to and satisfy his incorrigible fetish for bookshelf textures. Mmmm, books.... The wad is for Boom format and utilizes a rather large amount of DeHackEd, (impressive that people still use it) as well as a ZDoom-exclusive OGG for the main attraction (courtesy of Eris Falling and his extremely well honed composing skills). Expect new textures, new enemies and even some new weapons to aid you in the combat. But most of all, expect the unexpected... check the development thread with an almost finished release candidate here.


Chapter 3 features drivable Tanks

Sick and tired blasting Nazis at foot? Say no more - we did the impossible! After hours of coding by AFADoomer, hours of defining models by Ozymandias and hours of enslaving by ...err me... we are proud to present you the first fully drivable and steerable tank in a Doom engine powered by GZDoom. As videos are a better proof of conzept than words, we have prepared a little demo for you - have fun with it, we are looking forward to your thoughts!

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Golden Souls 2 this summer!

Next to finishing the world map you can see in the screenshot, Batandy has also finally announced the release date of his amazing piece Doom: The Golden Souls 2 which is a charming mash-up between Doom and the Super Mario games from the 90s we all played and loved. Golden Souls 2 now rocks 38 completed maps, which is a bit more than the standard 32-map megawad. Currently Batandy is working on the final area and boss of MAP38, the seventh castle, and he will soon start working on World 8 "Hell", the last world. Yep, that's it, end of the line, only 5 more levels left to make. Check the dev thread and also sign up to his facebook page to not miss a thing in the future!

Chaos and Order

Not being a weapons mod fan myself, these kind of creations really need to be something special to get my attention. In the special case of Heretic - Order and Chaos, the coder amv2k9 exactly got what it needed. Order & Chaos' twist on Heretic's gameplay is such: You have entered a world where the very atmosphere itself slowly eats away at your health, and health pickups are extremely rare. All is not lost, though; your weapons siphon life from killed enemies, and your health maxes out at 500. Armor is also more plentiful; in fact, armor pickups ranging from a meagre 1 point to as many as 128 points now replace health artifacts and most powerups, and the max amount of armor you can have is 500. Doesn't sound interesting enough yet? Check the release and development thread over at ZDoom. It's definitely an interesting gameplay approach.

GZDoom 3.3

Good news for all those GZDoom fanatics out there: The new version 3.3 has been released just a few days ago and it brings a huge list of additions and improvements to the engine, especially some ZScript and UDMF Mapping highlights for you, for example dynamic spot lights configurable in the UDMF map format or mod-defined aliases no longer permanently change CVARs. For a full list of changes and additions, check the release thread and get your copy of GZDoom 3.3 just now - it's worth every bit and byte.


GZDoom is for some of us the most powerful Doom engine available. Though, mappers don't seem to try to push it to its limits - until now: Elementalism finally seems to be one of those projects that fully take the advantage of all the capabilities, GZDoom has. It takes classic Doom gameplay and combines it with cutting-edge enhanced graphical features for an explosive new six-episode Megawad.  Confront and conquer the power of the elements, wield the powerful Elementium-powered wand and take charge through six awe-inspiring locations of elemental carnage! None lesser than Dragonfly, Dreadopp, Remmirath and other skilled mappers are working on the project atm with a planned release date in 2019. It's still a long way to go but the screenshots are already promising. Check the thread at now.

DoomLauncher v2.6.1

hobomaster22 has just released the latest version of DoomLauncher, the number one doom frontend for organizing and playing all your favorit wads and projects (which are currently 563 pieces in my archive to give you an idea how useful this can be). The author has fixed various issues and added a load of different new features, including

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Machines of Death

After his first Wolfenstein project Shadows of Destiny has been released only a few months ago, you would consider he will take a short break but little did I know. Just a few weeks ago he has released the first beta version of the successor with the promising title Machines of Death, another GZDoom-project based on the original Wolfenstein 3D with a lot of interesting additions thanks to the new engine-capabilities. He really took the spirit and carried it further. This is a real recommendation if you are into those good old times. Check the development thread and the beta version at the ZDoom forums.

Blade of Agony - Revisited

It has been a pretty long while since we last posted news about the development of the final episode of Blade of Agony - and no, this won't change today. I can already promise you though that Chapter 3 will showcase a lot of surprises again that will make the last chapter the best chapter. We are currently focusing a lot on the settings, plot and twists that will conclude the storyline after a lot of turns have been taken place in the second chapter, but more about this another day. On the other hand we are taking community support and feedback very serious as it's the most important thing to see our creation from a player's point of view. Therefore, we have taken Chapter 1 under another overhaul and also improved and developed Chapter 2 to be better according to Let's Plays and tests we got from Youtube and other useful sources. One thing I want to show you finally is the replacement of the terrible ugly jpg-artifacted and pixelated starry night skybox that so many people have complained about - for a reason. Other than that, a lot of other improvements have been made so far regarding the quality of visuals, gameplay and maps. I can promise you one thing: Replaying and revisiting Chapter 1 and 2 will be worth it - if not only for the voice acting...

Games of the Year 2017

Good news for Blade of Agony when it comes to awards: After we made it into the Top 100 of ModDBs mods of 2017 (the voting is still going btw), I just discovered that we also got into the final rolling of PC Gamer's Games of the Year 2017 contest, which is amazing news for us developers. The final list is still not set but we are part of the contenders that the team then got together to argue over the winners and put together a final list that represents the best of PC gaming. We are honored to be part of this and we can't wait to see if we make it into the list of winners this year. More about this as soon as we get the news!

Cacowards 2017

Only a few days ago, the Annual Cacowards have been celebrated over at and to be honest, this years winners are simply amazing - even the "Runner up"s are of a tremendous quality that I'd consider 2017 one of the greatest modding years in Doom history. Unfortunately, Blade of Agony Chapter 2 wasn't mentioned in this year's edition but regarding the competitors we can actually live with it and will focus on making Chapter 3 even better for 2018. Nevermind, this is what one of the authors says: "2017 has come and gone, and with it comes another installment of Doomworld's Cacowards. Doom is now twenty-four years old and has successfully weathered the release of its technologically superior progeny; in fact, I'm certain that public interest has only increased since Doom 2016's release the previous year. If anything had a chance of doing any damage to its longevity, it would have been the end of development on ZDoom. Thankfully, developers were more than prepared to pick things up, and the torch continues to burn in QZDoom and GZDoom." Read the rest of the article in the official page at

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