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Doom with PBR

Since a few months now, GZDoom supports PBR materials. Some dedicated modders thought it might be a good idea to generate normal/roughness/metallic/ao maps for the good old classic doom textures. First I thought "Can this look good?" - well, it really does. The current state can be found at the development thread at Doomworld and I really hope that these people get the rest pulled of. It feels very modern and still gives you this slight retro-look that we all love so much.


The mapper Nootrac4571 has released his map Demonastery already a few weeks ago but I didn't spot it earlier, still think that it's worth a news item at the Realm. Demonastery is a single level wad for Doom 2 (Boom compatible ports,) set in a crumbling monastery made of marble and corpses. He has added a whole bunch of new textures and a few new decoration sprites, but nothing that changes gameplay. From a visual point of view, it looks totally stunning, I unfortunately didn't have time yet to try it but I am pretty sure it's worth a download.

UAC Invasion: Supply Depot

A map that DooMKnight started in 2007 finally nears completion. The mapper was going to present it to a vanilla map tournament that year. The idea was to make a sequel to an old map of him called Europe, but it ended up being so big and complex that he reached the limit of 65536 linedefs and had to discard it for the tournament. So in the end he left it parked and continued with other projects, until last year that he took it back and since then he has been working on it when time allowed. You can already see on the screenshots that this project is made with a lot of dedication and love, as it simply looks stunning. Check the development thread for more information and the official download.

Doom 64 Retribution

Doom 64 Retribution project is a full re-make and "port" of Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64 to the GZDoom engine. The goal of the project is be mostly accurate to the original game as well as add very minor improvements for that extra bit of polish. Think of this mod as being a remastered or enhanced version of Doom 64 for GZDoom. We have Doom 64 EX, Doom 64 Absolution TC, GZDoom64, and Brutal Doom 64. Why you ask? Nevander, the creator of this mod was personally dissatisfied with the quality of the GZDoom64 project, and Brutal Doom 64 (while it is a great improvement) is along the same lines but changes too much and deviates from the original Doom 64 experience. And thus, this project was born. The current version 1.5 can be found at the development thread over at Doomworld.

Scientific approach at mapping

A scientific approach to a DooM-related problem. And that problem is… Linear/Nonlinear maps: which is which? Wraith777 considered this to be a stupid idea but I really think that this is somewhat enlightening to me - even after 25 years of mapping. Since nobody actually tried to make such a classification and analyze maps based on it he has developed this on his own. And, off course, not everything is 100% definite – those are simply his suggestions based on study and observation of various maps and are subjects of discussion and corrective actions. The shemes and details can be found at the discussion-thread at

Doom on Floppies

A few days ago I was lurking around the Doomworld forums and found an interesting thread from reveilleun about floppy disks he found - filled with 1,44 MB of custom material. Linguica posted a very interesting thread about some more addon cds which are directly hosted at the with even more '94ish material that I found supercool as it retrieved a lot of memories from my childhood about exactly these addon cds. I am not sure if everyone else was aware about it so I thought it's a good idea to share it here as well.

Catacomb Abyss

Porting other games to the Doom engine (or actually to it's derivated sourceports) is something, people already do for a while now. Doing it as close as possible to the original game engine is a difficult task though. If you are as old as I am (34 years now), you might still remember the good old times when egoshooters had pixels as huge as thumbs and only 16 colors to help your imagination killing demons and skeletons - just as in Catacomb Abyss, the grandfather of Doom. The modder inferion seems to be my age, for what other reason should someone consider porting the game to GZDoom? He did a very good job, it's not perfekt yet but I had that good old feeling when playing the project, listening to the pc speaker sounds and blasting my way through the secret walls again - just as I did 28 years ago... hell I am old. Keep up the good work and please improve the little flaws before you continue with the next installment ;)

Shadows of Apocalypse

There can't be enough of postapocalyptic projects inspired by Fallout and similar games - so here is another one: Shadows of Apocalypse. The mapper ramon.dexter has released a first public demo of his project and it is already very promising what he came up with. It features a hub based and detailed world  filled with hand crated voxel models and sprites, strife-like gameplay with strong emphasis on main story and sidequests, new enemies/weapons/items, a new hud and many other cool features like a camping system that makes you feel like in another game. It's worth checking out!

Elementalism Porn

Don't worry - this is can also be viewed under 18, even though it's very sexy. Remmirath has posted an update about his spearheaeded project Elementalism that is in development for a while now with a lot of promising screenshots and some information about the development in general:

Back in October last year, GZDoom v3.2.0 introduced 'per pixel lighting' for models, meaning different parts of a model could be lit separately, compared to all-at-once like with sprites. This meant that, for the first time, models could be used as stand-ins for proper level geometry, opening up a possibility of vastly more interesting shapes and constructs than Sectors and Linedefs would allow. Unfortunately for the Elementalism team, we lacked any kind of real modeling skill, so we've been limited to simple shapes or pre-fabs. That is, until now.

What that means can be seen in the teaser for this news item. So what has changed? Read the rest of the post at the ZDoom forums. I really recommend checking out the rest and I wish the best of luck and dedication to the team finishing the project. It's simply amazing what you are doing here - keep up the good work!

Crimson Deed

Batandy for me is currently one kind of a messiahs to the community. He is very productive and enriches us with new and fresh ideas - this time, with something totally new again: Crimson Deed, an immersive exploration based first person shooter starring Vesper, a vampire that has emerged from a long slumber into a world she no longer recognizes. Explore the ruins of a fallen kingdom, and uncover the truth behind its downfall as you fend off vicious foes with powerful weapons and abilities! Currently only a public beta is available but it already shows off the potential of this game. Get the download and help Batandy with some feedback!

Read more: Crimson Deed

Mario64 in GZDoom?

From a technical aspect, it is definitely possible. But what about the conceptual? The modder StalkerBlade is exactly doing that at the moment. For various reasons a release isn't planned at the moment but I really hope that he is revising his decision. What I can see so far looks very interesting and promising and with some help from the community chances are high that this turns into a really good thing. Don't believe me? Check the thread and see for yourself - and let's hope, we will get something playable in the near and not so far future.

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