Batman Doom for GZDoom

Batman Doom 2015Well, it's nothing official but in case you have missed it, Evil Space Tomato (decorate) and Ozymandias81 (gldefs) have released some patches and additions to Batman Doom which makes them up to par with more modern releases for GZDoom like turning all the actors into DECORATE format and adding dynamic lights via GLDEFS to those actors. The overall Dark Knight experience definitely is getting better with these additions and the whole mod from Ace Team feels facelifted. Let's just hope that both modders continue their work as the addons aren't 100% finished yet. Kudos to both of you!

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ozymandias81 replied the topic: #2 5 years 2 months ago
Hi Flynn, as you can see on ZDoom Forums, I'm continuosly updating Batman Doom for GZDoom (now v07), but I've also decided to open a new thread for BATMAN DOOM: REBORN , that's an enhanced version of BD using pk3'ed format (and you'll never need the original wad, everything is here), trying to remain faithfully as possible to ACE Team project.

GZDoom patches for the original Batman Doom will be managed now by Ed The Bat, sometimes I will take a look or had some suggestions. BTW, Reborn and Gore are my primary objectives from now. Thankx

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