Chris Hansen's Monument

MonumentChris Hansen is most propably one of the Doomer's who is around for the longest time (at least of those I can think of) and he is always a guarant for quality stuff. Currently, he is working on a project called Monument. So, what is Monument exactly? Well, as boring as it sounds, it's "just" an episode 2 replacement consisting of all his prior episode 2 pwads with maps ranging from 1998 to 2015. But he hasn't just compiled them into one wad. Every map has been tweaked in some way. Right from minor adjustments to major revamping! He's gone through a lot of effort and many weeks of hard work to make sure that this is a quality release, that he can be proud of - and that's what he can be. There's a new statbar, music and color palette and many more aspects. More information and screenshots can be found here.

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