Evil Ideology

evilideologyJust spotted a new project in progress over at ZDoom.org with the title Evil Ideology by Lexus Alyus. Some of you might have never heard of him before but for me it's a well-known name and you might already have the chance to listen to his music in Stronghold. Exactly, he prepared some of the original tracks for the mod, and that's about almost 10 years now since that happened. He is still working on music but also a project where the music fits in well. The style of this is going to be a mixture of Ultimate Doom classic episode 2, 3, 4 and some Doom 2 styles, all with hiw own little twists. He's not aiming to make super detailed maps here, just maps that are fun to play and quite doomy. Lexus has already got the concepts for all 33 maps sorted so the project is pretty deep in development now. Wanna see some screenshots and music? Check the thread and give him a bit feedback.

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