Shadow of the Wool

woolIt happened again: Straight of nowhere, Shadow of the Wool popped out with a little development thread over at the ZDoom forums, showing off a few first screenshots and the chance to participate on beta-testing. So what is it all about? An evil, curtain-scratching and hairball-vomiting force from outer space has arrived on your peaceful home planet! They captured you and all your friends, built ugly factories everywhere and littered the landscapes with cat hair and poop. And on top of that, they took that one girl you just got together with onto one of their ships, which is heading towards outer space! Do you have the balls of wool to pack your guns, escape from your prison, and go on a journey through space to free your world from this abomination? The project features (according to the author) 3 mayhem filled episodes with 6 levels, high resolution 320x200 cartoon graphics, 265 colors, awkward english by a non-native speaker, a completely new and awes0me soundtrack in the vein of Bobby Prince and horrible puns!!! Well, this sounds twisted, and so do the screenshots look. Details? Here!

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