The Green Arrow

Green ArrowEven though this is not Doom-related, it's at least a brilliant mod for Doom's predecessor which deserves being mentioned at least for the sheer quality and amount of work that has been put into it: The Green Arrow is a mod by Team Raycast for Wolfenstein 3D - yes, the old game from the early 90's where you blast nazis. Green Arrow is the latest mod by Team Raycast. Based on the Arrow comics and television show, you will be playing as Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow. Forced to go on a mission by Amanda Waller, Oliver has to return to the island where he became the Arrow: Lian Yu, also known as Purgatory. A dangerous mission awaits. A more detailed description, screenshots and the full download of the 44 MB of classic gameplay can be found here.

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ozymandias81 replied the topic: #2 1 year 5 months ago
Just tested recently... it is so funny! Everybody here must give a try to this project, specially if you consider how much effort Team Raycast have spent on it.

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