xenomiaJust spotted one of the first commercial Gloome games out there: Xenomia, a mod with a special twist. It is a commercial multiplayer game based on a (more and more modified) GLOOME engine. Our website with plenty of info is here, and you can also catch us on Facebook and on Twitter @XenomiaGame. Xenomia is a Real-time Strategy game that puts YOU on the battlefield, gifting you with the ability to fling killer fighting mushrooms at your friends until your eyes bleed. Now you can finally slay the very avatar of that internet person who's been spamming abusive chats at you for the past twenty minutes! By the original developer of ZDoom Wars, in concert with his brother Leonan and wife Rosirine, Xenomia is the first game from Tiny Tuttle Studios and is scheduled for release sometime before Star Trek happens in real life. Caught your interest? Check the official page!

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