The Inquisitor III

inquisitor3Just noticed at the ZDoom forums, that Jake Crusher announced the release of the third and final part of the Inquisitor trilogy. The reason he made this thread is because after 2,5 years, Shadowman and BigMemka finally released the adventure, that puts an end to our brave Doom Hero's presence in the dark world known as Khorus, where both magic and firearms co-exist together, where evil may lurk every step outside the places, where is no warmth (especially kind soul's one), no honor, no honesty, no courage... only cold, emptiness, greed... and a dark stare of the death itself. But what strikes fear the most - a powerful curse hovering above the land, drying it from all it has in it, as well as making people believe that end of the world is approaching. Check the official release thread with screenshots and further information here.

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