Hocus Doom

hocusm20Just spotted that ravage has released another playable version of his amazing Hocus Doom project over at ZDoom. Well, to be honest, it's certainly idiotic meanwhile to still call it Doom as it's simply a complete new game with no assets from Doom itself at all - but let's just keep it as s for better reference. So what has been added to the new beta version?

  • tweaked laser shots blasting through breakable boxes.
  • lowered the volume for spooks.mp3 It was far louder than all the other tracks.
  • finished map19
  • added particle controls to LeafBlower and fixed HocusMagicSmoke
  • changed the flame jet traps so they can have a delay before they shut off. Easier for making trap chains
  • changed Maxamount for MonsterMaxHealth from 0xFFFFFFFF to 1000 because it breaks in linux zdoom. Whoops!
  • finished map20
  • finished map21
  • started map22

So give yourself a shot, check the development thread here and download the new version of Hocus Doom for your pleasure.

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