Is it grey ... or green?

3QNiE1kLast year we had the big hashtag #TheDress which drove most of us crazy - well most of the girls according to some studies but anyway. 72% percent have been sure it is white and gold, and only 28% thought it was black and blue, where the latter had been the ones with a sharper eye. This year it will even get worse for us Doomers. abbuw started something that's even worse on the ZDoom forums, and we can already give it the infamous hashtag #TheArmor. Check the screenshot on the right and decide yourself: Is the armor green or is it grey? Is it green and looks grey because of the sector light color or is it grey and looks green because of the surrounding ambience? Using the color picker won't help you, so evil it is! Grey or Green? Good luck finding out!

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