HXRTC Project

hxrtcFor all those fans out there who love good weapon- and gameplay-mods, you definitely should try Hexereticdoom's HXRTC Project. The project is an addon for exclusive use with Doom & Doom 2 games, that means it won't work correctly with Heretic, Hexen or Strife games. However, it's fully compatible with many classic custom Doom megawads that don't alter the gameplay, monsters and/or weapons in a critic way. You'll be able to play with HXRTC Project addon with megawads like Alien Vendetta, Community Chest series, Hell Revealed, Icarus, Memento Mori, Scythe, etc. Also you can use it with some auto-generated wads or megawads by Oblige or Obhack tools, so the fun can be almost endless! More information can be found at the development thread when it comes to videos, screenshots and features.

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