ZScript for R667 Submissions

Izscriptn case you're not aware, ZScript was finally rolled into the last couple official releases of GZDoom, so we wanted to announce that ZScript is acceptable to use in any submissions to Realm 667.  Haven't heard of ZScript?  It's basically the successor to DECORATE, allowing all of the same features, but enabling much more advanced logic and scripting, including the ability to define new functions and actor abilities.  And, unlike ACS, ZScript doesn't have to be compiled, so it's very easy to work with!  You can read more about it here.  If you want some more examples, you can also look at the .pk3 files included with GZDoom--all actor's script files have been converted from DECORATE to ZScript.

Note that DECORATE and ACS still work, and will continue to be supported.  Also, any new submissions to R667 are not required to use ZScript--you may continue to use DECORATE and/or ACS if you prefer.

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