Doom64 as it's meant to be

doom64retriYou are a big fan of Doom64 but you don't like how Absolution or Brutal Doom64 turned out as it isn't the classic feel you are wanting? Suffer no more as the modder Nevander has finally released his first version of Doom 64: Retribution. This project is a full re-make and "port" of Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64 to the GZDoom engine. The goal of the project come close to the original game as much as GZDoom will allow with minor improvements for that extra bit of polish. The mod features

  • All original maps ported directly from Doom 64 with accurate texturing in UDMF format
  • Custom intermission text screens recreating the originals with text lines that fade instead of type on
  • Bonus "fun" maps are accessible from a hub style selection map
  • All original cloud skies match up to the color and map slot they belong in from the original game
  • Unmaker has been recreated to function identical to the original and uses cells for ammo
  • Doom 64 HUD has been remade and incorporated replacing the normal Status Bar
  • Player viewheight and size adjusted to match with Doom 64's larger map and sprite scale
  • All Doom 64 monsters are remade and adjusted to match Doom 64's original behavior

and so much more making this total conversion the closest remake of Doom 64 I have ever seen. Screenshots, more info and a download can be found at the official ModDB page.

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MagicWazard's Avatar
MagicWazard replied the topic: #2 2 years 3 months ago
I am totally gonna have to look into this! Doom 64 was my biggest reason for buying an N64 back in the day, and I still love it. Don't really have the patience to play it on console like I used to, so a GZDoom version (with save anytime) sounds great!
DBJ87's Avatar
DBJ87 replied the topic: #3 2 years 3 months ago
Ooooh... I'm looking forward to this! Played through Doom 64 with Brutal Doom64, but to see it through, re-created in it's proper style is going to be even better! :D

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