Paranoiac released!

paranoiacGood news to all of the Half-Life fans out there - no, it's not Half-Life³, it's better - Rex has released the latest project of the Persecution Complex called Paranoia. It's a 14-map hub set in the Black Mesa military-industrial facility within the Half-Life universe. Following the escape of  your character, Rolf Bellmer, after uploading a computer virus into the Black Mesa databanks, you seem to emerge  victorious. Unfortunately, the sinister forces of the government and the aliens have other plans for you. The game is story-driven and features multiple objectives. It uses the excellent textures of Half-Life, sprite-based enemies and non-player characters from Half-Life, models (some of them interactive), true 3D environments and other features of GZDooM. It's an amazing achievement and  in my eyes it's a gem for the community - so thanks to everyone who was involved in this.

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