Blade of Agony - Revisited

It has been a pretty long while since we last posted news about the development of the final episode of Blade of Agony - and no, this won't change today. I can already promise you though that Chapter 3 will showcase a lot of surprises again that will make the last chapter the best chapter. We are currently focusing a lot on the settings, plot and twists that will conclude the storyline after a lot of turns have been taken place in the second chapter, but more about this another day. On the other hand we are taking community support and feedback very serious as it's the most important thing to see our creation from a player's point of view. Therefore, we have taken Chapter 1 under another overhaul and also improved and developed Chapter 2 to be better according to Let's Plays and tests we got from Youtube and other useful sources. One thing I want to show you finally is the replacement of the terrible ugly jpg-artifacted and pixelated starry night skybox that so many people have complained about - for a reason. Other than that, a lot of other improvements have been made so far regarding the quality of visuals, gameplay and maps. I can promise you one thing: Replaying and revisiting Chapter 1 and 2 will be worth it - if not only for the voice acting...

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