Operation Bodycount

The mapper ImpieTwo has just released his latest side-project called Operation Bodycount, revisiting a previous remake he abandoned a couple years back. The project is three objective-based with multi-storied missions. The objectives are clear: Kill terrorists, rescue hostages, disarm nuclear devices, and save the world from HORUS's ultimate jihad. A remake of the terrible DOS shooter of the same name, in the same spirit as his previous remake, Nerves of Steel. The story goes:

The HORUS terrorist group has just made super-terrorist Victor Baloch its new leader, and they’ve stolen several nuclear warheads. With the nukes in tow, they’ve begun holding the world hostage one region at a time.
In response to this, NATO has greenlit a campaign to eradicate HORUS and Victor once and for all, with the Hercules of counter-terrorism Hector Juarez taking point. Operation Body Count is a go.

This doesn't only sound fun: It definitely is. Check the release thread with more information and a nice showcase video from the official release thread over at ZDoom.

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