Complex Doom

While being on a gameplay-mod rage the last weeks, I have to mention one special thing from the modder Deadalus: Complex Doom. In my eyes it honors its name in all regards when it comes to its features:

  • Each monster has typically 3/4 tiers where a random tougher monster will spawn in its place.
  • Armor and Spheres have a random chance to spawn a stronger type / powerup.
  • Weapons have been redone and feature reloading.
  • There is an inventory system to make use of items / powerups which are randomly dropped by monsters.
  • You can toss grenades and mines with weapons equipped.
  • here's plenty more in it but again, its been out for so long people likely know whats what.

Next to that, a lot of additional features have been added since the initial release like upgradable weapons, kicking, demon runes and many more things. For a detailed explanation and a gameplay video, simply check the development and release thread over at

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DBJ87 replied the topic: #2 1 year 7 months ago
Playing through Doom 2 on Ultra Violence with this, it's chaotic, it's crazy but it's actually very well balanced for a randomiser mod. The weapons look great & aren't too complicated to work around, the enemies are very diversified, even the vanilla monsters, such as Cacodemons, Pain Elementals, who usually get overlooked (or just get recreated with an upgraded type) have some nasty surprises. It's great to play something that has so much variety.

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