Doom II Dark World

Ever imagined what Doom II would have looked like when the first maps weren't focused on the Space Station theme but some kind of a darker and more hellish theme? Doom II Dark World is exactly that: 11 maps that are patterned after the first set of 11 levels in Doom II. The concept for this mapset was inspired by the Dark World levelsets from Super Meat Boy: levels with the same broad layout as the original they're based on, and with a familiar look, but with different aesthetics and a much higher challenge factor. The chief mapping guideline the mappers Hellser, Trance and Grimmoire followed was that if a player knew their way around the original map, then they should never get lost playing one of these. The goal is to provide longtime Doom II veterans with a fresh experience traversing maps which feel both instantly familiar and new and challenging at the same time - and it does a good job at it!

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