Operation Sea Wolf

ImpieTwo has finally released the third project in a row now after Project Einherjar and Operation Boycount with the promising title Operation Sea Wolf, an 8-map remake of the original Wolfendoom - Operation Arctic Wolf. The story in a nutshell: You are Juno, drafted by her government to destroy an enemy operation centered around a stealth submarine which could allow two maniacs to dominate the globe. The mission is somewhat personal for Juno, as one of those maniacs is an old rival with a score to settle. The mod Includes new maps, weapons, and enemies in a modified Junoverse. All maps are adapted from Operation Arctic Wolf and remade from scratch for improved, streamlined gameplay and a more cinematic experience. This is really a big recommendation from me, so go and get it from the original page.

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Impie replied the topic: #2 10 months 1 week ago
I only just discovered you guys posted about this mod on the site. Thanks for the highlight! This mod has so far gotten very little coverage on the 'net, so I appreciate everything I can get.

Sea Wolf is the third in a series of Winter Agent Juno mods I made that run parallel to the novel series of the same name. She's a little bit of a female James Bond in a gritty nuclear winter setting. I made Project Einherjar originally as a 7-map promotional thing like Chex Quest, but by the end of the year it grew to five episodes. Level variety is tough when your setting is perpetually snowy, but PE manages to keep things interesting with snowy settlements, sprawling cities, corrupt police stations, creepy hospitals, mad science labs, underwater grottos, and a big-ass passenger train.

The second mod, Midgard Outlaw, was made to be truer to the book series: something like an action movie with the sci-fi elements more subdued. It was supposed to be another multi-episode megawad, but time got away from me, and I realized small episodes were more digestible and easier to finish, so I wrapped it up and stuck with that format ever since. So MO is the least "together" of the three mods, but it does have some cool stuff in it, like Juno having a bad acid trip, hallucinating her dead enemies from PE have come back to drag her to hell. She also shoots up a night club and gets into trouble on trains again.

Sea Wolf was a remake of Operation Arctic Wolf, since that mod also had a very snowy setting (and to be fair, MO has a hint of Rheingold in it). I used some tricks I learned when making Body Count, so Sea Wolf features pre-mission briefing flashbacks before each map begins, and a villain who taunts you every other map by insulting you from the TV or ambushing you with teaser battles. The maps are all based on those from Arctic Wolf: for most of them I took several consecutive maps and combined them into a single sprawling with a boss at the end. A big issue I had with Wolfendoom maps was the lack of variety and the long treks from one end to the other and back again, hoping you triggered a secret switch that opened a secret door you're required to find. I tried to go for something more streamlined and less tedious. Not sure if I've succeeded.

The Winter Agent Juno page is here , and has links to the pages for all three Doom mods. The latest book, Last of the Ghost Lions, is based on the main plot from the first mod, and is probably being released in December.

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