Paradise v2

Tango is working on his Paradise mod again bringing it up to version 2.0. Paradise is a 5 map (plus 2 secret maps) GZDoom episode, packaged together with a custom gameplay mod crafted specifically for these maps. You do not need to read the mountain of text below to play the mod, but if you’re interested in getting a primer on all the gameplay changes before playing, go right ahead

What's new since 2018?

  • More than double the amount of maps!
  • Rebalanced gameplay across existing maps to make for a more streamlined experience (aka significantly less bullshit)
  • Scrapgun spread greatly reduced, and fixed to work properly with autoaim
  • More polish/bugfixes galore


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Tango replied the topic: #2 5 months 1 week ago
oh damn, thanks to whoever submitted this, appreciate it :D

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