Over at Doomworld I spotted a very interesting project spearheaded by Shadesmaster. Switcheretic's premise is to build maps in the Romero style, BUT remake them from Heretic! Since Heretic's E1M1 was "The Docks," DOOM's E1M1 would be a sort of 'Docking Hanger." Since Heretic had it's 'Hell' episode in 2 rather than 3... it gets reversed in DOOM. So the "Ice Grotto" from Episode 2 would essentially become E3M4, the "Hell Grotto" - and adopt a Slough of Despair visual. Note that this is for DOOM 1, *but* uses a special resource WAD. Therefore, you can populate levels with mid-tier monsters like Hell Knights, to spruce things up a bit. Other resources reside therein; a smattering of new monsters like the Plasma Imp Lord, or the Pulse Rifle - a weaker plasma gun found in Episode 1 that compensates by bouncing off walls! Find this as interesting as I do? Then check the dev-thread or even join the team for this ambitious project!


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shadesmaster replied the topic: #2 5 months 1 day ago
Thanks for the shoutout! Yes, even of not all levels or episodes are completed, I can release a 'demo' of about an episode's length in shorter order! So either way, there will be something!

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