Deathmatch Simulator

The modder Kinsie has just released the latest build of his Deathmatch Simulator over at It is a mod for GZDoom that aims to recreate the thrills and excitement of all the deathmatching you normally need to install a fork of a decade-out-of-date engine build to do. Independent scientific reports have shown that Deathmatch Simulator is capable of "simulating" a deathmatch game with "100%" "accuracy" (or something). However, should you turn monsters off or actually be able to start a multiplayer game, the simulation aspect will be suspended, allowing you to cheerfully enjoy true multiplayer with some new content that might have even been built with it in mind.

So what does the mod feature?

  • Highly realistic AI opponents** powered by the latest in machine-learning-based artificial intelligence. Watch them run, dodge, fight, avoid environmental hazards*** and even fall in love... if you play your cards right.
  • A powerful arsenal adding a few twists on the classic Doom arsenal, along with a few new weapons to play with.
  • A built in map pack containing a variety of classic Deathmatch maps with a few tweaks and adjustments, accompanied by a couple of new and exciting faces... with at least one lurking in the lightless space between both extremes...
  • Map compatibility with most Deathmatch maps and even Skulltag maps!

Responsible Disclosure
This is extremely early (probably a month of work so far) and does some pretty gnarly stuff with the engine, so expect issues! See TODO.TXT inside the PK3 to know what’s on the current agenda re: bugs and future content. While you’re at it, check out CREDITS.TXT to learn more about the fine people who did all the real work on this massive pile.

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