This is one of those mods that grabs you instantly by the looks. A full Lovecraftian themed mod, with distinct 8-bit art style that makes you wonder what Doom would look like if it was released for Gameboy Color back in the day. Welcome to Shrine.

In the words of scumhead, the mod developer: "Shrine is a total conversion mod for Doom 2 set in a Lovecraftian inspired world. Battle new demons with new weapons, while exploring ancient cathedrals and eldritch worlds from the dark beyond.

  • 8 New Weapons to rampage your way through the Elder World
  • 13 Enemies to Blast into giblets
  • 16 challenging but fair levels to test your might against the eldritch Horde
  • Completely custom assets, textures and Sounds!
  • -Made for use with Gzdoom.
  • -You should have Jump enabled.
  • -Iwad is DOOM II "

You can get your hands on this mod at the official thread, at

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