Angled Doom

For years i always thought how Doom would look like if it had angled weapons instead of centered. I know that we already had angled weapons before - heck, now it's easier to find custom angled weapons sprites instead of centered ones in a Google Search - but i mean the original Doom weapons. The real deal. 

During the last decade, lots of great angled weapons inspired by vanilla's design surfaced on forums, but still no avail, no angled weapons mods in development. I thought that sometimes, you must be the change you want to see in the others, or in this particular case, you must do the mod you (and lots of others) want to play but no one ever started. The seeds of Angled Doom were planted. 


Angled Doom is my new personal project. It aims (sorry about the pun) at an angled perspective for weapons, but is also inspired by mods like Smooth Doom and Beautiful Doom, updating visuals with dynamic lights, particle effects and also smooth-as-butter weapons animations while trying to preserve the vanilla gameplay feel. The only exception to the rule is the new Ultra Violence + extra difficulty, that comes with faster and stronger enemies with custom attacks, which works as an optional challenge for those interested.


For more information and download links, visit the official thread at

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