Ankh of Life




Name: Ankh of Life
Type: Health
Palette: Heretic
Summon: ArtiAnkhOfLife
Use type: Inventory
Duration: An entire level (Map Duration version), Infinite (Upgradeable version)
Added States: Yes
ACS: Yes


Submitted: Blue Shadow
Decorate: Blue Shadow
Sprites: Raven Software
Sprite Edit: Blue Shadow
Idea Base: Castlevania Symphony of the Night's Ankh of Life


The Ankh of Life is an artifact that improves the effectiveness of healing potions. The player gains extra, bonus health from using both the Crystal Vial and the Quartz Flask. Custom healing items can be made to work with this if desired.

There are two versions of this artifact included: The first version lasts of an entire level and makes either potions provide the player with 25% bonus health. The other version is upgradeable and has permanent effect, with each individual pickup of the artifact increasing the bonus health gain by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%.
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