Insanity Sphere

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Name: Insanity Sphere
Type: Protection, Damage, Regeneration
Palette: Custom
Summon: InsanitySphere
Use Type: Instant
Duration: 60 seconds
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No


Submitted: DBJ87
Code: DBJ87, Blue Shadow (DECORATE Edit and ZScript)
GLDefs: DBJ87
Sounds: Id Software (Doom 3)
Sprites: Id Software (Doom 2), Midway (Doom64)
Sprite Edit: Blue Shadow, That_One_Doom_Mod (Fist Redux)
Idea Base: Own Idea, Doom 3


You’ve been succumbed to Demonic Torment, but embrace it and unleash Hell's fury!

You take 50% less damage and gain a more powerful Berserk Punching based offence, using both arms for faster attacks. You'll heal yourself or increase your health up to 200% while damaging others and will pull yourself towards your target to ensure your rage is fully spread!
archive Insanity Sphere  (325 KB)

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