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Happy BirthdayFinally my little boy can apply for his driving licence - damn, time is running so fast. Well, I was indeed shocked when I saw the Happy Realmday banner this morning, reminding me and all the visitors, that another year has passed and the Realm667 turned 16 today. 16 years is a lot of time, and during these 16 years, a lot of things have happened (despite the 2385zillion redesigns of the site) like the community effort, to bring it back from the dead a few years ago... was almost like a Jon Snow moment for me - I knew it would happen as I knew about the dedication of certain people (let's not call them red priests).

Anyway, times have changed since the year 2000 when I had about 6 hours of school per day and 6 hours for Doom. I will turn 32 in september and it's more like having 18 hours for my job and 6 hours for sleep now - but hey, I still find some time to work on the page, work on my projects and also play the fantastic efforts, other people here are pulling out. I would have never though that Doom is still being played in 2016 and I can't imagine if it will be the same in 2032 - but you never know...

I want to thank everyone visiting the page on a daily or weekly basis and I want to call a special thanks to all the people from the Realm667 team who keep the page running, adding and quality-controlling submissions in the forums. It's definitely a pain, but I really want to tell that I am thankful for your support with this page - thanks a million times

To say it with the words of the brilliant Freddie Mercury: We're gonna stay together until we fucking well die, I'm sure of it

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DBJ87's Avatar
DBJ87 replied the topic: #2 1 year 11 months ago
Happy Realmday :)

This site helped me, modernise a game that I've grown up with & been itching to try better the modern day First-Person Garbage that we have today, although even left as it was in the 1990's- it's better then the rest & always will be (so contradicted myself now lol).

I want to also thank Tormentor667 for creating a much needed resource bank to help rookie modders like me. And thank you to the Administration team & every user that has tried & given feedback to my submitted items. I was dreading it at first, but everyone has done nothing, except for being supportive & that means a lot to me.

4 years time, the big 20! Looking forward to seeing what comes up by then :)
ark's Avatar
ark replied the topic: #3 1 year 11 months ago
Happy Realmday! I can't thank you enough for keeping this site up and running. I've said it before and I say it again. This is probably the most valuable doom-related website out there.
ozymandias81's Avatar
ozymandias81 replied the topic: #4 1 year 11 months ago
Realm667: what else?

Happy RealmDay!
MagicWazard's Avatar
MagicWazard replied the topic: #5 1 year 11 months ago
I really have to say "thank you" as well for keeping this site up and running! It's been a great source of inspiration and entertainment for me, but also valuable for my mental well-being. I first stumbled upon R667 during a tough time in my life a few years ago; I had just lost my job, I couldn't find work anywhere, I didn't know where my career was going, and I was suffering from constant depression and anxiety issues (which admittedly are still ongoing). I didn't have much to keep me optimistic while I waited for work to materialize and watched my unemployment dwindle away. Finding R667 was just about the greatest thing that could have happened: I suddenly had an almost endless supply of content with which to extend the lifespan of my very favorite game ever. Not only that, I had a reason to continue working on my own side projects--so I could share them with other people to enjoy. And I had a community of like-minded people I could discuss Doom with. This has been extremely valuable to me--it gave me something positive I could focus on while I waited for my life situations to sort out. It's also been a good boost for my self-esteem, since this is one of the very first forums I ever joined for the sake of interacting with other people, and learning how to do so in an online environment has been very useful. I continue to check back daily on the site, if possible. I don't have as much time to contribute anymore as I used to now that I'm working again (not just my main job, but also a side project I hope takes off), but I hope to continue to submit a few things here and there, and I always enjoy interacting with other creators and playing with their creations.

So, yeah. TL;DR: R667 has made me happy the last few years. :)

P.S. Please get some more of the admins to help clear the backlog of submissions that have been building up. ;)
Tormentor667's Avatar
Tormentor667 replied the topic: #6 1 year 11 months ago
Interested in joining the team? ;)
MagicWazard's Avatar
MagicWazard replied the topic: #7 1 year 11 months ago

Tormentor667 wrote: Interested in joining the team? ;)

If you're being serious, I may have to consider it. That would be quite an honor! :)
doomedarchviledemon's Avatar
doomedarchviledemon replied the topic: #8 1 year 11 months ago
A few days late, but I also want to say thanks for keeping this site up and running for all these years so far. I might not chat or submit as much as others, though I am starting to submit a little now, but I still check in daily to see whats new. This site has given me much entertainment and inspiration. It's also made me thing about the different elements that goes into a game a little differently now from balancing issues to how certain things will fit in certain scenarios. With the inspiration I've gotten from here and seeing ICARUSLIV3S's videos I am finally writing a script for a showcase like show that I've been wanting to do for a good while now but didn't have the courage to do before. With it I hope to contribute to the community more than I have in the past so far because I love this community and I want to do more for it. This is a wonderful community filled with wonderful people and I hope that this site continues to stay running and keeps strong for many more years to come.
Tormentor667's Avatar
Tormentor667 replied the topic: #9 1 year 11 months ago
@MagicWazard - I will invite you to the staff forum, expect a thread there if you are really interested, I'd be happy to have you on board :)


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