"Other Style"-Beastiary

OtherStylesFor those who have long been requesting it, we now have an "Other Style" category for the Beastiary!  This section is dedicated to monsters whose assets are sourced from non-Doom engine games, or who may otherwise not fit artistically into any specific Doom-engine game.  Many of our existing Beastiary submissions have already been relocated to this category (unless they have connections to a specific IWAD, in which case you can find them in their usual location).  Also, new submissions are eligible for entry into this category as well if they don't specifically fit into any particular game's category.  Remember, though, any new submissions should still use an art style that would reasonably fit into one or more Doom engine games (in other words, renders are still subject to rejection unless modified or retouched), and all submissions are still subject to our usual standards of quality.  In other words, this is not a "junk" repo category for trash monsters or half-assed rips from other games--this is a new avenue for legitimately useful submissions that might have been rejected in the past due to aesthetic differences.

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