Realm667 now part of Doomworld

linguicaDon't be surprised and ask yourself "What happened to the Realm667?" We are proud to announce that this page finally is part of the new Doomworld network. After we have considered such a step now for a long time as the financial situation of the Realm667 didn't get any better, the administrator and site runner of Doomworld Linguica stepped in with a financial offer that even Marlon Brando himself could't refuse. Next to the new page design, a lot of other interesting things will change in the future like moving all the content to a new database called the /idresources archive (which automatically means that all the old links aren't working anymore) and other fancy things. So thanks again to Linguica for his generous support. I don't tell anyone how good the offer was, but in case people are asking why I don't respond to my mails anymore: The internet connection in my new mansion in Monaco is still a bit sloppy, but my butler is already working on it. #realm667world

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